Canadian Studies Graduate Internship at Chernivtsi National University

PCUH is excited to announce that after a brief hiatus, this internship will once again be offered in the winter term of 2013!

Building on a relationship of over thirty years between the University of Saskatchewan and Chernivtsi National University, the University of Saskatchewan in association with St. Thomas More College and the Government of Saskatchewan as well as in partnership with Chernivtsi National University will offer a Graduate Internship in Canadian Studies at the Hnatyshyn Centre for Canadian Studies in Chernivtsi, Ukraine.

Applicants for the internship are expected to be enrolled in a PhD or MA program of study at the University of Saskatchewan. The applicant also will have specialized on Canada in one the following disciplines: Political Studies, History, Sociology, Economics, Geography, and English. The internship will be held during the 2013 Winter academic semester at Chernivtsi National University (February 1 – May 15, 2013). The selected candidate will be expected to work under the authority of the Director of the Hnatyshyn Studies Centre and will undertake the following:

  • teach a discipline-specific introductory class in Canadian Studies, i.e., Introduction to Canadian Politics, etc.
  • offer guest lectures on topical issues
  • assist in curriculum development
  • assist in the development of the Centre’s Resource Library, identifying online resources
  • assist in the writing of grant proposals

Instruction will be conducted in English. Knowledge of the Ukrainian language is not a requirement.

The cost of the flight, on-campus accommodation, and a modest monthly stipend will be covered by funds allocated for the internship.

Applicants are expected to submit a letter of interest, vita, two letters of reference attesting to the applicant’s knowledge, work and success in the Canadian field, and a proposed course outline. Deadline for all applications is November 13, 2012. Applications should be delivered to Rm. 146, St. Thomas More College and directed to the attention of Prof. Bohdan Kordan.

For further information on the internship, please contact Prof. Bohdan Kordan, or Ms. Leigh-Ellen Keating, Global Relations,  For information on the Hnatyshyn Centre for Canadian Studies at Chernivtsi National University, see


Support for this program is provided by
University of Saskatchewan: Global Relations and the College of Graduate Studies
St. Thomas More College: Prairie Centre for the Study of Ukrainian Heritage
Government of Saskatchewan: Department of Advanced Education
Chernivtsi National University: Hnatyshyn Centre for Canadian Studies

2012 Ukrainian Studies Reception

The Prairie Center for the Study of Ukrainian Heritage
and the Dean’s Office at St. Thomas More College
invite you to attend an

Informal Welcome Reception for Ukrainian Studies

Come and learn about Ukrainian Studies on the U of S campus!
Meet faculty and students!

Thursday, October 11th
Chelsea Commons, STM College

Light food and beverages will be provided

PCUH hosts Ruslan Zabilyj on October 10th at 3pm

PCUH is proud to present a public presentation by Ruslan Zabilyj, director of the National Memorial Museum “Lonsky Street Prison” in L’viv – an institution dedicated to the victims of occupation regimes in Ukraine.

Entitled “The Contemporary State of Archives, Museums, and Academic Freedom in Ukraine,” Mr. Zabilyj will draw on his recent personal experiences with these issues, having been detained by the SBU (Ukrainian Secret Police) in 2010 for making archival documents from WW2 publicly available.

Please join us for this rare opportunity on:
Wednesday, October 10th, 3pm
St. Thomas More College, Rm. 344A
University of Saskatchewan

Everyone is welcome!