Ukrainian Language Assessment Project

The Ukrainian Language Assessment Project is a three-year initiative aimed at introducing the Common European Framework of Reference, or CEFR, to Ukrainian language educators in Canada. The CEFR is a language reference framework developed more than 30 years ago by a team of linguists in Europe. The framework continues to be refined by language experts within the Language Division of the Council of Europe. Use of this language framework has spread to many countries of the world, including Canada and Ukraine.  

This PCUH project will explore ways that the CEFR can be utilized to monitor and assess the language progress of students who are learning Ukrainian as an additional language in Canada. Given the objective, user-friendly design of this language framework, the CEFR provides an excellent starting point for professional dialogues about assessment, instruction, resource selection, and program design.

Project Update Year One (2017)

Project Update Year Two (2018)