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Ukrainian Language Assessment: Project Overview & Materials

A three-year PCUH initiative titled the Ukrainian Language Assessment Project introduced the Common European Framework of Reference, or CEFR, to Ukrainian language educators across Canada. The CEFR is a language reference framework developed more than 30 years ago by linguists from the Language Policy Division of the Council of Europe. The framework is recognized internationally as being valid and reliable for use with various languages. In 2010, the Council of Ministers of Education in Canada recommended use of the CEFR for languages in Canada.

A key question asked by language teachers is: “How do I assess language progress fairly and equitably for students who are at different stages of language learning?” The CEFR scale provides teachers with objective ways to assess progress using language descriptors to determine what students know and ‘can-do’ at various levels of the scale. Students can also become involved by monitoring their own language progress using language descriptors. This clear, evidence-based approach to assessment impacts planning, instruction, resource selection, and program design. Ukrainian language programs, and indeed all language programs in Canada, can benefit from use of the CEFR.

IMPORTANT! Language educators have permission to print the CEFR-Based Assessment documents for educational purposes. Please note copyright law on the inside cover of each document.

Printable Documents (PDF Files)


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CEFR: An Important Tool for Ukrainian Language Assessment Part 1 (2023)

CEFR: An Important Tool for Ukrainian Language Assessment Part 2 (2023)

Additional PDF files for Part 2

Simple Text (A1.1) – Den’ Narodzhennia, Zenia Zubka

Simple Text (A1.1) – Grammatical Analysis