Ukrainian Canadians and the Canada Census, 1981-1996

Bohdan S. Kordan, Ukrainian Canadians and the Canada Census, 1981-1996. Saskatoon: Heritage Press, 2000.

Paper ISBN 0-88880-422-9   240 pages
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Ukrainian Canadians represent one of the largest ethnic communities in Canada. Settling the country in the late nineteenth century and arriving in vast numbers as part of the great migration to Canada in the twentieth century, they are now for the most part native-born. But exactly how many are there? Where are they concentrated? Moreover, what defines them culturally and socially? To what degree is Ukrainian still spoken at home? What are the trends? Ukrainian Canadians and the Canada Census provides answers to these questions in the form of compiled tabular census data (1981-96) on a variety of social, economic and other characteristics that define the Ukrainian-Canadian community.