PCUH – Public Relations and Community Outreach

Saskatoon, Ukrainian Day in the Park 2017- Mykan Zlipko & Iryna Kozina

Although the focus of the PCUH is to sponsor and support Ukrainian programming on the University of Saskatchewan campus, it does so as part of the community. As a community supported institution, the PCUH looks to convey information about its activities. This year, for the first time, Ukrainian related programming on the University of Saskatchewan campus – PCUH, Spring Session in Ukraine, and Ukrainian Studies Minor program – was promoted at Folk Fest (August 17-19) and Ukrainian Day in the Park (August 26) as part of its information campaign.

At the invitation of Mrs. Jennifer Fedun, UCC-Yorkton branch president, a promotional display was set up at the Svoboda (Freedom) Celebration event (September 17) commemorating Ukrainian independence and Canada’s sesquicentennial (150) anniversary. The event was well-attended by the local Ukrainian-Canadian community that showed great interest in the study abroad program Spring Session in Ukraine and PCUH projects. The PCUH has a close relationship with the Yorkton community, hosting several travelling exhibitions and having received valuable donations to the Letters from/to the Old Country Project as well as the Yorkton Redemptorists Seminary Library Collection.

The PCUH acknowledges the effort of the new PCUH Administrative Assistant, Iryna Kozina, in promoting the PCUH at these events.

Svoboda Festival in Yorkton, SK – Iryna Kozina (at the photo)

2017 Ukraine Study Abroad Program

SSU 2017 participants with Dr. Khanenko-Friesen – fieldtrip to Lviv

Spring Session in Ukraine (SSU), another of St. Thomas More College’s undergraduate study abroad programs, was offered during May 2 – June 8, 2017 in co-operation with STM’s university partner – Ternopil National Pedagogical University (TNPU). The program offers a combination of University of Saskatchewan language and culture courses for university credit in a study abroad setting. In 2017, five U of S students traveled to Ukraine where, under the supervision of SSU academic coordinator and STM anthropology professor Dr. Natalia Khanenko-Friesen, they pursued their studies in the Ukrainian language and culture, in Ternopil and beyond. As part of their course activities, students traveled to Lviv, Kamianets-Podilsky, and the Caprathian mountains. In addition, TNPU language tutors and professors involved the students in many more cultural activities, including various creative workshops on handmade doll making, stones painting and wreath making. In their course work, drawing on their field experience, students researched and wrote on the shared theme of wellbeing and health in Ukraine. The presentation of student research findings is to be soon scheduled. The Prairie Centre for Ukrainian Heritage (PCUH) supported the program by offering travel bursaries to three participants on the basis of merit and need. The SSU 2017 participants were Jacob Yuriy, Maria Olenick, Alexander Clark, Alexa Kowaluk and Mykan Zlipko.

2017 Ukrainian Studies Minor Graduates

2017 Ukrainian Studies Minor Graduates
l-r: Samara Sawchuk, Ashley Halko-Addley, Christina Rybalka

Ukrainian Studies at the University of Saskatchewan has a long and respected history. In 1944, it was the first institution in North America to offer a Ukrainian language class. It has evolved in keeping with the times, student interests and demand. Currently, Ukrainian Studies is offered as a Minor program at St Thomas More College, which is responsible for its delivery and provisioning.

In 2017, the first cohort of students with a Ukrainian Studies Minor graduated. The students included Samara Sawchuk, Ashley Halko-Addley and Christina Rybalka. Congratulations to the recent graduates. Job well done!

Ukrainian Consulate General Visit to STM and PCUH

Consul Generl of Ukraine, Andrii Veselovskyj and STM Dean, Dr. Kumaran

On June 1, 2017 the Consul General of Ukraine, Mr. Andrii Veslovskyi, visited STM and PCUH. Discussions were held on how the Government of Ukraine could help the exchange of students and faculty members between Ukraine and Canada. Prof. Kordan raised the issue of creating an international umbrella cultural organization funded by Ukraine and Canada along the lines of Germany’s Goethe Institute or the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute to facilitate such exchanges. Dean Arul Kumaran suggested such an institute could serve to invigorate STM’s Spring Session in Ukraine program by introducing bursaries and other forms of support. The Consul General confirmed that the concept was currently under consideration and that he would convey STM’s interest to co-operate in such an endeavour.

No Free Man Receives Jennifer Welsh Award for Scholarly Writing

Prof. Kordan at the 2017 Sask Book Awards

The 24th Annual Saskatchewan Book Awards were held April 29, 2017 at the Conexus Arts Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan. The awards celebrate excellence in writing and publishing. Prof. Bohdan Kordan’s No Free Man: Canada, the Great War, and the Enemy Alien Experience was shortlisted and then selected as the recipient of the Jennifer Welsh Award in Scholarly Writing. The award is presented for the best contribution in book form to scholarly work in a particular area that “build[s] on theoretical work within a community of scholars and contribute[s] to the creation and transmission of knowledge.”

Selected by a jury of distinguished academics, the panel described the book as “a comprehensive and compelling study.” Said to be “engaging” and “well-researched”, the work was cited for its wider significance “as we confront divided loyalties and the cultural impact of immigration both in yesteryear and today.”

New PCUH Affiliate Appointed

Following a successful career with the Ministry of Education, Nadia Prokopchuk was appointed as the English as an Additional Language (EAL) Program Specialist in the Department of Curriculum Studies, College of Education at the University of Saskatchewan. On May 1, 2017 she joins the PCUH as a Faculty Affiliate. After earning both a B. Ed. and M. Ed at the University of Saskatchewan, Ms. Prokopchuk held several administrative roles with Saskatoon Catholic Schools, including assistant to the Director of Education. In 2000, Nadia accepted a position with the Ministry of Education as a provincial languages consultant and later Senior Program Manager for EAL and heritage languages, a position she held until retirement from the ministry in 2016. Nadia’s long-term research interests focus on effective language education, EAL teacher education and use of the Common Framework of Reference (CFR) as a comprehensive language reference tool. Current international projects include an advisory role on the curriculum reform committee of Ukraine’s education ministry and visiting lecturer at Ternopil National Pedagogical University. Nadia is a member of the University of Saskatchewan Senate and the Saskatchewan-Ukraine Relations Advisory Committee.

Searching for letters for PCUH project “Letters from the Old Country”

PCUH is pleased to announce the new round of archival collection of
family letters for its project “Letters
from the Old Country”.

Do you have a collection of old letters from the ‘old country’, and you don’t know what to do with them? Talk to us. We are seeking archival donations of letters from the ‘old country. In 2017, to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, we are offering free digitization of qualified ‘old country’ letter collections, in exchange for archival donation of digital images. For more information visit the project page.

Dr. Khanenko-Friesen also recently presented this project at the University of Alberta, her talk about family letter exchanges between Ukraine and Canada in the 20th century is available here.

Professor Nadya Foty-Oneschuk Recognized for Teaching Excellence

Each Spring the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union (USSU) celebrates excellence on the University of Saskatchewan campus through teaching awards and awards for excellence outside the teaching field.  Students from UKR 217 nominated Prof. Nadya Foty-Oneschuk for a USSU Teaching Excellence Award, filling out an evaluation survey. Based on the numerical results of the evaluation, the USSU selected the ten winners for this year’s University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union Teaching Excellence Award, choosing Prof. Foty-Oneschuk as one of the recipients.

Prof. Nadya Foty-Oneschuk, a PCUH Affiliate, is responsible for Ukrainian language instruction at all levels on the University of Saskatchewan campus. The PCUH directly supports Ukrainian language instruction on campus through financial subsidies for Ukrainian language course offerings.

Pre-Screening of ‘Bitter Harvest’ on Campus

The University of Saskatchewan Ukrainian Students’ Association and The Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union (SUSK), together with dFilms, hosted a free pre-screening of the feature film “Bitter Harvest” in the auditorium of the Medical Sciences Bldg, March 1, 2017.  Saskatoon was selected as one of four cities across Canada for the screening of this important film. The evening event boasted a turnout of 300 + people. In attendance were Members of the Legislative Assembly. Following the conclusion of the film, Katya Khartova led the audience in the singing of Vichnaya Pamyat (Memory Eternal) in remembrance of the millions of victims of the Holodomor (Death by Hunger) — the Soviet genocide.  The pre-screening provided a tremendous opportunity to bring public awareness to this tragic event in human history.