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Professor Emeritus, Bohdan Kordan, on podcast, Beyond the Ridge

Professor Emeritus, Bohdan Kordan, was invited as a guest speaker on the Beyond the Ridge Series. The series is an initiative of the Vimy Ridge Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to promote historical knowledge of Canada’s participation in global affairs and legacy. Kordan spoke on WWI internment in Canada and the connection to human rights. The podcast is on Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, or anywhere else podcasts can be found.

In this last episode of season 2, Melanie Ng (U. of T.) meets Sera Tulk, VPA 2021 recipient, who talks about the Newfoundland regiment at Gallipoli and Prof. Bohdan Kordan (University of Saskatchewan), specialist in Canada-Ukraine relations, who will introduce us to the internment of ‘enemy aliens’ in Canada during the First World War. | Host: Melanie Ng | Guests: Sera Tulk & Bohdan Kordan | Sound artist: Sylvain Bellemare | Sound editor: Guillaume Bouchard Labonté| Directors: Melanie Ng, Guillaume Bouchard Labonté…

Attached are the various links for listening to the episode and finding out more about the Vimy Ridge Foundation and its Beyond the Ridge Series