Spring Session in Ukraine 2018

The 2018 Spring Session in Ukraine (SSU) was held May 6-June 7. This full-immersion program enables students earn up to nine UofS credit units in a five-week period by taking language and anthropology courses. Students stay with the host families, which accelerates their learning of Ukrainian language and culture.
Prof. Natalia Khanenko-Friesen traveled with students to Ukraine to deliver the course ANTH 233 “Anthropological Perspectives on Contemporary Ukraine”, which broadly considers society and culture in contemporary Ukraine. Dr. Olena Huzar, on-site SSU Director, coordinated the program in Ternopil. The course curriculum included fieldtrips to Lviv, the cultural capital of Western Ukraine, as well as Kamianets-Podilskyi fortress, which was a vital defensive bulwark in western Ukraine for centuries. Students spent the last weekend of program in the picturesque Carpathian Mountains. Five students participated in the program – Oksana Dubasov, Matthew Selinger, Jamie LaFleur, Kaitlyn Bletsky, and Tiana Kirstein.

SSU 2018 participants with Dr. Khanenko-Friesen – Ternopil

Ukrainian Culture on Campus

As part of the University of Saskatchewan’s Culture Week, the USUSA participated, March 14, in the university’s Global Village bazar by setting up a display and providing Ukrainian culinary fare.

It then hosted pysanka (Easter egg) and vinok (flower crown) workshops on March 19 and March 21. Held in the student lounge of St. Thomas More College, the goal was to share the art and craft of pysanka- and vinok-making.

Vinok Workshop

The student-led Pysanka workshop – attended by thirty students, staff and community members – is an annual event organized by the USUSA. The Vinok workshop was the second such undertaking at the college. Sixteen participants learned about the meaning of the vinok and the symbolism of the flowers incorporated in the making of a head wreath.

Proceeds from workshop ticket sales were directed to the non-profit ‘Stream of Hopes’ (Потічок Надій) – an organization that looks to assist needy and disabled children in Ukraine.


2019 Mohyla Lecture

The 22nd annual Mohyla Lecture to be delivered by Dr. Dominque Arel was cancelled because of a medical emergency. The PCUH will look to invite Professor Arel in 2020 and learn about the conflict in Donbas, the subject of the scheduled lecture.