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No Free Man receives Jennifer Welsh Award for Scholarly Writing

Prof. Kordan at the 2017 Sask Book Awards

The 24th Annual Saskatchewan Book Awards were held April 29, 2017 at the Conexus Arts Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan. The awards celebrate excellence in writing and publishing. Prof. Bohdan Kordan’s No Free Man: Canada, the Great War, and the Enemy Alien Experience was shortlisted and then selected as the recipient of the Jennifer Welsh Award in Scholarly Writing. The award is presented for the best contribution in book form to scholarly work in a particular area that “build[s] on theoretical work within a community of scholars and contribute[s] to the creation and transmission of knowledge.”

Selected by a jury of distinguished academics, the panel described the book as “a comprehensive and compelling study.” Said to be “engaging” and “well-researched”, the work was cited for its wider significance “as we confront divided loyalties and the cultural impact of immigration both in yesteryear and today.”