Personal Sources Archives

The Personal Sources Archives at PCUH was created in 2009 as an archives program for PCUH research. The main goal of this program is to build a collection and create an inventory of vernacular documentation that is of importance to the study of the Ukrainian cultural experience in Saskatchewan, Canada and around the world.  As a research program, our mandate is to actively seek, collect, and preserve such personal documents as:

–    letters written to/from the “Old Country”
–    diaries
–    family histories
–    personal memoirs
–    photos
–    other relevant documentation

The establishment of the Personal Sources Archives at PCUH grew out of two research projects initiated by PCUH in 2007: “Ukrainian Canadian Personal Memoirs” and “Letters from the Old Country,” both supported by Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (2007-2011).

Ukrainian Canadian
Personal Memoirs

Letters to/from the
Old Country