Prairie Centre for the Study of Ukrainian Heritage ST. THOMAS MORE COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN

Identity War in Ukraine: Resilience Amidst Devastation

Join us at the Remai Modern at 7pm March 19th for a free talk by cultural activist, ethnologist, museologist, cultural manager and art curator Ihor Poshyvailo as he explores the stark reality of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, spotlighting the extensive assault on Ukraine’s heritage, particularly its religious sites, and Ukrainian resilience in the face of this destruction.

Ukraine’s national heritage, long subjected to domination and neglect, saw a resurgence after regaining independence in 1991. The transformative Euromaidan Revolution birthed a nation committed to democracy, rejecting its Soviet past and challenging Putin’s imperial ambitions.

The 2014 Russian invasion resulted in unparalleled devastation, targeting Ukrainian cultural heritage with over 18,000 religious and cultural sites damaged or destroyed.

Despite vulnerability, Ukraine’s culture is not defenseless. Poshyvailo emphasizes the courage of cultural workers, artists, and communities in safeguarding Ukraine’s heritage. As the world unites in solidarity, critical questions arise: How can emergency response, stabilization, and cultural reconstruction be facilitated? What measures, including an international tribunal, cultural restitution, and global promotion, can fortify cultural stability in times of crisis? These pivotal issues demand thoughtful consideration to preserve Ukraine’s cultural identity.

This lecture is presented in partnership with Ukrainian Museum of Canada, the Prairie Centre for the Study of Ukrainian Heritage (PCUH), and the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies University of Alberta