Prairie Centre for the Study of Ukrainian Heritage ST. THOMAS MORE COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN

New Publication by Heritage Press

Heritage Press, the publishing arm of the PCUH, announces the release of its most recent publication First World War Internment in Canada: Policy, Practice and Political Ethics by PCUH Research Associate and Professor Emeritus, Bohdan Kordan.

The publication is a short treatise on First World War internment in Canada, which utilizes political ethics as a lens to assesses the rationale behind the decision to intern and its consequences.  The author notes that just as internment was a policy-political choice, it was also a moral choice, as revealed in the way that the practice of interment unfolded and even understood by some at the time. Prof. Kordan argues that viewing internment through a political-ethical lens not only helps guide us today in understanding the historical significance of internment but also its relevance for contemporary politics.

First World War Internment in Canada is the sixteenth book published by the Heritage Press. The Heritage Press publishes the research of both PCUH faculty and other scholars working under the auspices of the PCUH. As part of its mandate, it also co-produces with other academic publishers scholarly work in the area of Ukrainian heritage