Dr. Alan Anderson renewed as PCUH Research Affiliate

The University of Saskatchewan Professor Emeritus of Sociology has served as a Research Affiliate of PCUH since 2016.

The Prairie Centre for the Study of Ukrainian Heritage (PCUH) is pleased to share that the Dean’s Office of St. Thomas More College has renewed Dr. Alan Anderson’s term as a PCUH Research Affiliate. Since receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Saskatchewan in 1972, Dr. Anderson has devoted himself to researching and writing on the province’s ethnic settlements.

More recently, Dr. Anderson authored the section on Ethnic Bloc Settlements,1850s-1990s, in the Atlas of Saskatchewan (2000), he was a contributing editor for ethnic settlements and demography in the Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan (2005), and he was the author of Settling Saskatchewan (2013).

He has been guest editor of recent special issues of the Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe, respectively on “Minority Rights and the New Migration” (Volume 16 Issue 2, 2017) and “Separatist Movements in Europe” (Volume 17 Issue 3, 2018); the latter issue included his review article on A. Matveeva, Through Times of Trouble: Conflict in Southeastern Ukraine Explained from Within.

In addition to his research and writing, Dr. Anderson has served as president of the Canadian Ethnic Studies Association and as vice-president of the Central and East European Studies Association of Canada.