The PCUH awards student excellence through its Undergraduate Essay Prize in Ukrainian Studies. The 2017-18 prize was awarded to Jacob Yuriy for his paper “Patient and Doctor Experiences During Ukrainian Healthcare Reforms” submitted as a course requirement for ANTH 233 Anthropological Perspectives on Contemporary Ukraine during the 2017 Spring Session in Ukraine.

Jacob Yuriy, Ukrainian Studies Research Showcase, 2018


The PCUH oversees and funds the Chernivtsi/ UofS Graduate Exchange Program. The purpose of the program is to place a UofS graduate or post-graduate for a single semester (Feb 15 – May 31) at the Hnatyshyn Center for Canadian Studies, Chernivtsi National University. The student, whose graduate work is in the Canadian Studies field, teaches and works at the Center. The 2018 graduate exchange student is Mitchell Dowie who is currently teaching two advanced courses: Canadian Foreign Policy; and Innovation in Canada and Public Policy.

Mitchell Dowie, Chernivtsi National University

The placement provides a rare and exciting international experience for graduate students, offers an opportunity for recent graduates to acquire desirable teaching experience in their field of study, helps promote interest in Canadian Studies as well as Canada and Saskatchewan more generally, and strengthens the educational bond between the two universities.
I am thankful to have had this invaluable opportunity to live in Ukraine and lecture at Chernivtsi National University. The teaching experience I gained will serve me well as I begin my Ph.D. studies at Carleton University in Ottawa this fall. My Ukrainian students have also benefited, being exposed to new ways of teaching. Overall, the experience has made a strong impression on me. I learned much about Ukraine and its people. My only regret is that I could not stay here longer!