Spring Session in Ukraine: 2016

Spring Session in Ukraine is again on offer this year, May 2-June 6, 2016. The program is organized in co-operation with STM’s university partner – Ternopil National Pedagogical University (TNPU), Ukraine. The program enables students to take a combination of UofS language and culture courses for university credit. Prof. Natalia Khanenko-Friesen, the founding director of Spring Session in Ukraine, will travel with the students to deliver the course ANTH 233 “Anthropological Perspectives on Ukraine,” and will coordinate the program with the TNPU program Director, Olena Huzar. Six students are scheduled to participate in the 2016 Spring Session in Ukraine program.

As a part of the course curriculum, students will also undertake a number of activities. These include visits to various historic sites and sites of recent civil protests (2013-2014) in Lviv, Ukraine; meet and dialogue with local volunteer groups; listen to special lectures by local faculty from the Ukrainian Catholic University; and write reflective papers on their engagement with local Ukrainian groups and individuals.

In addition, as a part of the program, curriculum students will travel to a number of other centres to explore the multicultural and historical heritage of Western Ukraine, for example, Kam’ianets Podilsky, and enjoy a two-day stay in the Carpathian Mountains where they will endeavour to hike the highest mountain in Ukraine, Mount Hoverla.

Prof. Khanenko-Friesen with the 2015 SSU Participants,  Ternopil, Ukraine

Prof. Khanenko-Friesen with the 2015 SSU Participants,
Ternopil, Ukraine