PCUH Director Comments on the Downing of MH17

PCUH Director Bohdan Kordan has been very busy this last year, acting as a local expert on all topics dealing with Ukraine’s current political situation. When Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 was downed recently, the local community once again sought out Dr. Kordan’s impressions and expertise.

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Recent Thesis Defense on the History of the UOCC

Yuriy Kirushok, an international graduate student from Ukraine, successfully defended his MA thesis “The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada: The Changing Identities (1988-2013)” in the Department of Religion and Culture at the University of Saskatchewan. The research was conducted under supervision of PCUH associate Dr. Natalia Khanenko-Friesen.

The thesis is dedicated to the modern history of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada. Drawing on the analysis of the major events in the history of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada and fieldwork at the Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral parish in Saskatoon, this research explores the institutional response to sociocultural change and examines how the institutional practices and strategies of adaptation impact the spiritual lives of church followers.

Congratulations, Yuriy!

Kirushok defense