Euromaidan Project Launches in Edmonton

An exhibit entitled The Euromaidan Project: The Art of Revolution opens at Edmonton’s St. John’s Institute Culture and Arts Centre on February 23, 2014. The exhibit features 50 posters that originally adorned Kyiv’s Independence Square during the early days of the current crisis. Curated by Dr. Bohdan Kordan, a professor at St Thomas More College (STM), the poster exhibit captures the energy and vitality of transformation in a country on the brink of revolution.

“Accompanied by first-person accounts and other reports, the fifty posters displayed here circulated widely on the Maidan,” says Dr. Kordan. “Designed and created for mass distribution through the medium of the private printer, they testify to a deep desire for change and are symbolic of the best impulses of a society mobilizing in its own defense.”

The Euromaidan Project: Art of the Revolution is conceived as a multi-venue event. Organized by STM’s Prairie Centre for the Study of Ukrainian Heritage, the exhibit will open in other centres across Canada, including Winnipeg (Oseredok Gallery), Toronto (Ukrainian Museum of Canada) and Yorkton (Godfrey Dean Gallery).

Flyer – Euromaidan (PDF)