Prairie Centre for the Study of Ukrainian Heritage ST. THOMAS MORE COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN

Understanding the Holodomor: 2014 Mohyla Lecture

On February 13th, Dr. Roman Serbyn delivered PCUH’s annual Mohyla Lecture in the Father O’Donnell Auditorium of St. Thomas More College.

Dr. Serbyn, Professor of Russian and Eastern European History at the Université du Québec à Montréal, is a specialist in Ukrainian and Soviet histories. He has written extensively on the issue of the Ukrainian Holodomor or Great Famine-Terror that took place during the early years of Stalin’s rule of the Soviet Union under collectivization.

Dr. Serbyn’s presentation to the University of Saskatchewan audience addressed the genocidal nature of the Holodomor. He emphasized the imperative for Canadians, of Ukrainian heritage and not, to acknowledge the historicity of the Holodomor in light of the minimalization and denial present in some contemporary thought.