Undergrad Studies

The PCUH serves as an institutional anchor for Ukrainian studies and student activity on the University of Saskatchewan campus.  PCUH Associates and Affiliates, for example, deliver core instruction in the area of Ukrainian Studies (Interdisciplinary Minor), help co-ordinate and contribute to the college’s study abroad program  ̶  Spring Session in Ukraine, and help oversee the awarding of Ukrainian Studies scholarships. In addition the Centre provides direct funding in support of senior Ukrainian language courses on the university campus. Meanwhile, student life is encouraged through the Centre’s direct and ongoing sponsorship of the activities of the University of Saskatchewan Ukrainian Students Association.

The PCUH’s support for undergraduate studies and student activity rests on the premise that the community is enriched, enhanced and best served by those who are knowledgeable of their history and heritage.

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Interdisciplinary Minor in Ukrainian Studies
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Undergraduate Scholarships
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